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  • Double RZ 96 
  • Long Touring Single E68

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    Amateur Folding Boat Builders' Corner

    Meet Ralph Hoehn and the Associates!
    About Poucher Boote GmbH


    talk to Ralph Hoehn at:
    Voice Mail:
    Please tell us your name, your phone number and a good time for us to call you back after 7:30 pm EST or on weekends.
    (We do check messages constantly!)




    Ordering ... how it works:

    • We communicate by phone, fax, email
    • We establish which boat is most appropriate for your use.
    • We agree on the configuration of your package.
    • We decide on your preferred payment option.
    • Your boat receives its final full assembly check before we re-pack it in its bag and prepare it for shipment.
    • UPS effects delivery to you.


    Methods of Payment:

    • Credit Cards
    • Personal Check (we will despatch you boat as soon as your check has cleared)
    • Money Order
    • Cash (please do not mail cash, but if you happen to pick up your boat in person, we will accept cash)


    Return Guarantee:

    The following is our straight forward return guarantee. No small print.

    If you wish to return your newly purchased boat for any reason whatsoever, send it back to us. Use UPS Ground (insured) for this purpose. We expect you to bear the cost for the return shipment. This cost is the full extent of your risk in trying out our boats.
    Upon our receipt of the boat, we will refund your purchase price in full, no questions asked. Should the need arise, we will withhold a reasonable amount from your refund to cover any damage the boat may have sustained while in your care. That's it.


    talk to Ralph Hoehn at:

    Fax: +1-203-324-0901
    Voice Mail: +1-203-324-0901



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