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Q: What is a Folding Boat / Folding Kayak?

A: We use the term to describe a craft, usually paddle driven, which consists of a frame covered with a fabric skin. The frame is designed and constructed in such a way, that it can be disassembled into its component parts or at least into modules. Assembly takes place either in the skin, or the frame can be put together outside of the skin and assembled through appropriate apertures in the skin.


Q: Are folding boats / folding kayaks safe?

A: All water sports harbour a certain amount of danger to the practitioner. Folding boats / folding kayaks are as safe as any other boat of similar size and purpose, in fact, due to some of their particular characteristics, they can be considered safer.


Q: Are folding boats / folding kayaks seaworthy?

A: Folding boats / folding kayaks have particular characteristics, which enhance greatly the overall seaworthiness of the combination of paddler and boat. Please note that we stress the combination of both the person and the equipment in this context.


Q: Why are folding boats / folding kayaks so expensive?

A: They are not. Their up-front "purchase price" is higher than boats of some other construction types, their real "cost" and value-for-money is better. Their longevity, the fact that they can be repaired very cost-effectively small piece by small piece, their ruggedness are all reflected in their usually high re-sale value. Example: I have paddled my double RZ85 for about 30 years - feel free to divide price by number of years or dependable use.


Q: Where can I find out more about folding boats / folding kayaks?

A: Call us. If we can't satisfy your questions, we'll know where to look for further answers.


Q: How should I choose my paddle for a folding boat?

A: In the same way as for any other kayak, bearing in mind your size, strength, stamina, the dimensions of the boat, the intended purpose
It's not as complicated as that really: If you have not paddled much, start with a paddle, which is just short enough, so that when you stand beside it with both feet flat on the floor you can just curl the fingers over the top of it when you reach up hard. Look for blades with an area somewhere between the extremes in the shop. Now try it out. If you like it, keep it. If not try the next one. Of course it is a good idea to try as many as possible. A good dealer will work something out for you.


Q: Can I sail a folding boat / folding kayak?

A: Double folding kayaks can be pretty exciting sailing machines when they are rigged properly. Sailing single folding kayaks can be pretty interesting also! Let us know if this is of interest to you.
Folding boats with an open cockpit configuration have an advantage over folding boats with an integrated type cockpit. The topic is too broad for quick discussion here, but one that is dear to my heart. Please call if you can spare an evening.


Any other questions?
Please ask! Please call. There are no stupid questions, although you may not be safe from stupid answers. This page will thrive with your input.



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