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Meet Ralph Hoehn and the Associates!
About Poucher Boote GmbH


talk to Ralph Hoehn at:
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Poucher Boote GmbH manufactures four models:

  • Long Touring Single E68
    The brand new long single takes us back to the century old tradition of folding boat long distance voyaging. Modern design features include full length air sponsons for enhanced safety and an innovative fast assembly system.
  • Traditional Touring Single E65
    This proven design has not been bettered in 50 years. Its hull shape has been the benchmark of efficiency and performance for the discerning paddler.
  • Touring Double RZ96
    Pouch equipped this version of its efficient touring double hull with full length gunwale sponsons providing a solid margin of safety even in adverse conditions.
  • Touring Double RZ85
    The dear old dependable work horse lives on!

We are re-launching Pouch imports to the USA with the Long Touring Single E68. This model will be available for immediate shipment out of our US inventory in the latter part of June.

The other models will follow. For the time being, any Pouch product is available for shipment to you out from the Pouch inventory in Germany.

Please let us know which model is of most interest to you:

Please call Ralph at (425/962-2987) or email us at .


Check out our brand new Long Touring Single E 68



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